Tracks & Committee


Democracy, Human Rights, Public Policy, Equity & Equality

A stage gathering key world advocates, members of parliament, lobbyists, policy makers, judges and researchers in order to share, amplify and co-create more equitable legal frameworks. The politics of Gender & Ethnicity. The Future is intersectional!

In this arena we amplify the champions of Social Justice around the globe, sharing knowledge and insights


Science & Technology

This is a stage where we discuss technology and its applicability  in its various forms aiming for positive humanitarian outcomes through those varieties of technology available to us. 

Here we gather biotechnologists, Astro-physicists, leaders of pharmaceutical industries, Mathematicians, politicians, Secretaries of State and Ministers, to discuss the present and future of the collective 


Arts, Social Media & Media

This is a home where creators, ministers of Culture and Media, members of parliament, leaders of big Media companies and researchers come together to reflect upon the lack of access created to the so called minorities within the public arena.


Education, Migration, Democracy & Human Rights

A space for reflection on the theoretical and practical applications of formal and informal education – from youth to adulthood – through public and private institutions aiming to trigger change through a more inclusive educational approach. Includes professors,  teachers, students, researchers, activists , members of parliament and Ministers for Education.

Economic Justice

Circular Economy, Sustainable Finance & Transparency

An arena reflecting upon the enhancement of fair trade, understanding the economic cycles of goods available within our ecosystem, and how to achieve a better global redistribution of  wealth. Our global speakers are Investors, leaders of social funds, researchers, activists, leading hedge funds.


Poverty, Hunger, Health, Peace & Climate

Our planet is facing an incredible set of challenges. At this track, we have a lineup of Health professionals, from all sectors, green innovators, impact startups, companies and activists come together to share and discuss the solutions to our Health access and possible climate actions.