Mission and Vision

Humanity’s vulnerability has never been more exposed: In this interconnected world, the whole of humanity must take part in the co-creation and implementation of sustainable solutions to long-standing and newer global challenges. 
Introducing the Humanity Summit focused on Dignity, Equality, and Freedom. This yearly event aims to accelerate the alignment of a global community towards the creation of a prosperous and safe future for all. 
Humanity Summit 2023 will take place in Lisbon, Portugal from September 1st-3rd, 2023. 
Following this mega-conference, local partners will host subsequent events around the globe to continue to move forward the agenda towards the achievement of Dignity, Equality, and Freedom. 
Humanity Summit, produced by the social impact company Muxima Bio BV, aims to facilitate a series of concrete actions to address global challenges and to achieve humanity’s goals of safety and security, social justice, political, religious, intellectual, cultural and economic inclusion, namely in achieving racial, gender, equity & equality, domestic accountability, racial violence, discrimination based on gender identity and expression, sexual characteristics, sexual orientation, and social inequality.
In the edition of We Colloquium from 2019, which we produced with the institutional support of Elas Social Investment Fund, we have facilitated a process of re-education, of participation and social co- creation, with the alert frame of mind that the models that we have been living under until now, are not satisfactory, as we are in 2022 and still have an enormous amount of inequalities. We urgently need to rethink a new way to enable a balanced coexistence, where all beings can live together in harmony, without overlapping one another.
Through the formulation of announcements, reports, focus groups, workshops and the arts, carried out by professionals from different areas, who, by being attentive to the needs of various communities, seek to denounce, reflect, develop tools or disseminate examples of practices that enable the prevention and elimination of these oppressive behaviors, that harm Human Rights and the principles of Human Dignity; Equality and Non- Discrimination; Free Personality Development; among several other precepts defended worldwide.
From the 21st to the 24th of June 2023, we will be fostering a global conversation Forum and we also propose the signature of a Social Fairness Treaties of Nations to reinforce the UN SDGs. This is to formalize the adoption of practical policies and tools to enable the private and public sectors to implement and measure progress in these areas. This will result in annual reports being published by all the signatories showing concrete and real progress in each of these themes.
The Humanity Summit will then take these conversations to the next level with the focus of Dignity, Equality, and Freedom for everyone. People who participate in the new global community will co-create action plans to take into their own daily lives. Not waiting and hoping that some day things will be better. Reminding people of their own power to impact the world and join in co-creating a future that we can all be proud of.